Art meets beauty
In 2008, Sadie Shaffer & Josh Mirick submitted a beautiful dress made COMPLETELY of recycled bridal magazines and a wonderful supporting video. The dress was deeply symbolic of Sadie's shade of green and is to date one of the most breath-taking and inspiring entries in our contests' history.
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An entry with vision
Tiffany Jackson & Hosea Sandstrom submitted for the 2009 contest a highly crafted and unique vision board, an essay and beautiful original song they wrote entitled, BREATHE. The vision board presented their past, present and future together and was simply amazing.
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Video masterpiece
For Green Wedding Giveaway 2010 Sean & Debi submitted a video as the main part of their entry. The video tells their story in such a beautiful way using photos, video clips and even hand drawings to present their shade of green. To date it is still one of the most treasured pieces in our contests creative history.
Say it with a song
WOW. This song and video about the Green Wedding Giveaway Contest was a BIG HIT among the judges in the 2011. Finalists Luke & Cassi collaborated with their dear friend, DJ and performer, FRITZIE to create this phenomenally creative piece which sits with pride as one of our most treasured artifacts.
Poetry in motion
June , 2009 marked the fifth year of being together for Kelly Renfrew & Benjamin Ridley. They presented a striking and highly creative wall hanging/dream catcher, a thought provoking essay and this beautiful poem.

Little Things That You Do

Kelly Renfrew & Benny Ridley

Take my hand in a big, big way
Because the little things we do
Cant' make it all go away
But if we share a little bit of our love with
This beautiful Earth,
We'll love each other in more inspiring places than one.
The little things that we do in and out of each day
Can really show that we're here to respect
The places we met
I can talk all day long about the little things that you do
That make my heart flutter, and my eye lashes bat
But what really makes me smile is when you make smart choices
That make less of a carbon impact
So go ahead, baby, keep tossing those cans into the blue bin
Come with me to hang the clothes on the line
And don't forget to stop using soaps with all those lipids
We can do this together, if not just for us, for our kids.
About Family…
Gina Fernandez and James Eslinger's family video struck an emotional chord with voters in 2009. The poignancy of blending families and raising children to be environmentally aware, inspired individuals and couples with children everywhere to consider the importance of a family footprint...
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