Celebrating real people making a difference in the world is at the heart of Clay Hill Farm's Green Wedding Giveaway®, and the inspiration for the soul of ECO-REACH; an emerging humanitarian brand and social initiative to promote the people who care for the planet.

In everyday life, it would be hard to NOT do something green. Bringing a travel mug to the store, turning off your lights at night, putting on a sweater in the winter or opening a window instead of turning on the a/c. Maybe you stop at a local farm stand on your way home, maybe you wear the same socks two days in a row…do you re-use a shopping bag? These are all green initiatives that we tend to think of as routine, everyday practices, even common sense…
Broken down, many things that we do regularly can be considered green initiatives. But in an ever-greening world, the question still on many of our minds is, what does 'being green' mean? Where do I fit in?

Because so much of our everyday routine can be considered green, we at Clay Hill Farm choose to focus on what we all CAN do and ARE doing. So much about green living can be overwhelming and intimidating. Let’s choose to celebrate each other and learn and grow and share. Let’s inspire and empower each other. We are all green in some way, so pick your shade and shout it to the world! TM

The Green Wedding Giveaway does just that. The contest celebrates, and rewards, real people making a difference. The Green Wedding Giveaway is about creativity and giving back. Rewarding the individuals and couples that inspire us, and giving back to the communities and businesses that support us. This is a project with positive energy all around. When you celebrate the Earth, everybody wins!

Much like marriage, green living is a process; a commitment to compromise. A celebration of balance and an exercise in prioritizing important practices. There is an ever emerging parallel between a commitment to marriage and a commitment to the Earth, both are about life-style changes. We think of green living in shades at Clay Hill Farm, and we believe every green shade is unique and fluid, darkening with each positive initiative. But what makes a wedding green? The couple does. Their commitment, their philosophy and their choices help define their green wedding shade. Our commitment to the environment, our philosophy and our choices at Clay Hill Farm give all weddings a green start.

Pick your shade and shout it to the world!