Originally built in 1780 as a working farm, Clay Hill Farm is now a 220-seat restaurant and special occasion venue nestled amidst eleven acres of rolling lawns, protected woodlands, and colorful gardens. Tranquility waterfall brooks, a pond, two generous garden-view decks and a picture-perfect gazebo, now accent the traditional Maine beauty of the Farm. With modern cuisine in a classic setting, Clay Hill Farm has become a popular dining destination in a country escape just 2 miles West of Ogunquit village. Clay Hill Farm has won numerous local, regional and national awards for food, ambiance and service as a restaurant and wedding venue.

In 1991, Clay Hill Farm became the first restaurant in the country to be certified as a natural wildlife habitat and bird sanctuary. The beautiful grounds, the nurtured habitats, the 100+ birdhouses around the property….all tell a twenty-year story of environmental care and concern.

Our Environmental Story…
In March of 2008, Clay Hill Farm became one of the first businesses in Southern Maine to be an Environmental Leader. The following list of Clay Hill Farm’s environmental practices, have been recognized by the state of Maine in the Environmental Leadership program:
• Providing and protecting natural wildlife habitats
• Composting
• Preserving Maine’s natural resources with holistic gardening
• Growing herbs and vegetables for the restaurant
• Recycling
• Eliminating the use of pesticides and chemicals throughout the property
• A menu commitment to seasonal, fresh and locally sourced products
• Community involvement, outreach and support

Clay Hill Farm was one of the first state certified Environmental Leaders in Southern Maine. With our sustainability task force in place, we at Clay Hill Farm are committed to finding new ways to reduce environmental impact and preserve the true beauty of Maine.

About being green
At Clay Hill Farm, we are proud to be recognized as Maine state Environmental Leaders, but we really want to be clear about what being green means to us. We believe in traditional values of conservation and land care. We believe in providing a better future for our children. We believe in preserving the beauty of Maine’s resources, and we believe in the process. We view green as a beginning, not as an end. Green is a path of continued improvement .

Clay Hill Farm hopes to encourage others to realize that small steps can lead to big change. We were surprised to be considered green. We have discovered that even the smallest earth-friendly initiative can have an impact. We strive to constantly improve our commitment to sustainability and embrace social outreach in an effort to empower others to feel they can make a difference. We will also continue to create community outreach children’s programs and environmental awareness events.

Clay Hill Farm’s summer community Fairy-house building encourages imagination and teaches children how to respect the environment while creating habitats from all-natural materials. Our annual Green Wedding Giveaway ® contest encourages couples on the verge of a major life commitment to consider the role of green in their future. Couples are asked to creatively explore the parallel between a commitment to each other and a commitment to the earth. Our annual Earth Day event: Clay Hill Unplugged, celebrates all things local, and our annual Fall Eco-Fest unites local crafters, businesses and organizations for a day of outdoor family fun day. When it comes to protecting the environment, many have asked where do you start? Clay Hill Farm’s answer is maybe you already have. We are all in this together.

In summary
Old practices at Clay Hill Farm now have a new flavor, and traditional values have a modern twist. Common sense conservation, practicality and frugality are coming back in vogue. Is it possible to be green without realization? We at Clay Hill Farm say yes. We are all green in some way.

A morning dove coddles her eggs in a nest over the front door of Clay Hill Farm on one of the busiest weekends of the season. She sits on her eggs while hundreds of wedding guests and diners come and go. She cares not of trends and progression, only natural sustainability and family. That is Clay Hill Farm’s story.

So, pick your shade and shout it to the world. It is time to celebrate all contributions.
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